Double Chocolate Wintermint Cake

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For many, desserts full of spice and warmth spell Christmas.  But I think mint choc chip is my favourite wintery flavour.  I’ve already made mint choc chip Christmas tree cupcakes, but this year I fancied a little bit of a change.  This recipe is really simple – perfect for this time of year – but is also really tasty.  A rich double chocolate mint mudcake, topped with smooth, thick, white chocolate and peppermint glaze.  The combination reminds me of an After 8 chocolate.


Mint Choc Chip Christmas Tree Cupcakes

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I’m not afraid to admit I’m going through a mint choc chip obsession right now.  I’ve actually made about 50 of these cupcakes over the past week but I’m not alone in my love of the traditional flavour.  These are extra fun to make at this time of year because it’s very easy to make them look Christmassy – all you need to do is pipe a swirl of minty green buttercream on top and they look like lovely little trees!  It’s also a chance to get your sprinkle on – I’ve used stars and mini candy canes on mine but anything a little bit sparkly or colourful would look festive.

Mint Choc Chip Oreo Cake

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This is the cake to end all birthday cakes.  Not just a mint choc chip cake, but a mint choc chip cake with added oreos!  I first planned to make this cake without them, but when I tasted the mint oreos I knew I had to find a way to include them in this recipe.  It’ll take a good few hours to put the elements all together but it is SO worth it.


You’ll end up with an 8 layer cake – 4 mint and 4 chocolate – sandwiched with alternating layers of chocolate and mint choc chip buttercream, coated in mint Oreo buttercream, topped with a chocolate ganache then decorated with mint Oreos and other assorted chocolates.  Phew!!!

Easy Peasy Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream

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Let me start by saying I’ve been a bad blogger.  No posts for ages!  My excuse is I’ve been moving house.  So now I’m all settled and getting to grips with my new kitchen I’m baking again.  But this recipe doesn’t need any cooking.  In fact it barely requires any effort at all!  This mint choc chip ice cream needs no churning or ice cream maker to get perfect, smooth results.