Cream cheese stuffed red velvet cookie dough brownies

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Phew – that title’s a mouthful and a half!  And so are these brownies. They’re definitely not for anyone on a diet looking for a small delicate treat.  But if you’re craving something indulgent and delicious then they should be right up your street.  Dark, chocolately, gooey brownie, with chunks of chewy red velvet cookie dough, packing a cream cheese filling with just a hint of sourness, these really hit the spot.


So where did the inspiration come from for these? I’ve seen a couple of cookie dough brownies doing the rounds but I wanted to take them up a notch.  And you may remember my red velvet cookies stuffed with cream cheese – I thought they would go perfectly inside, combined with my trusty chocolate brownie recipe which I’ve blogged about a couple of times(adding salted caramel and creme eggs).


Totally tropical pineapple and flamingo biscuits

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I am obsessed by anything tropical.  I’ve got flamingo wallpaper in my flat, pineapple ornaments, and clothes covered in both.  So obviously it made sense to me to put my favourite things into biscuit form.  I was lucky enough to be given a pineapple shaped cookie cutter and found a flamingo one in a baking shop, but if you don’t have any then Amazon will sort you out so you can also experience some edible tropical joy!


Cream Cheese Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies

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With its mix of chocolate, vanilla, and a hint of sourness, red velvet is definitely a firm favourite of mine.  And I’m not alone – everyone seems to love it!  It’s becoming a staple flavour when it comes to cupcakes, along with vanilla and chocolate.  But it got me thinking, how could I translate that flavour into a cookie?  And how could I incorporate the traditional cream cheese frosting?  I’d seen pictures online of cookies sandwiched together with a swirl of icing.  However I thought it would be much more fun to get the frosting INSIDE the cookie.  And to my surprise, my experiment worked!  These cookies are incredibly morish – slightly crunchy at the edges with gooey middles, chocolatey, and when you get that hit of cream cheese in the middle, they just scream ‘red velvet’ (not literally of course, that’d be weird…).