From Cake To Cocktails – The Food Of NYC

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It’s a bit of a blog with a difference from me this week.  I’m just back from New York where I was lucky enough to spend my birthday, and I thought I would love to share the amazing food I had! From a Mexican feast, to an NY slice, to the most gigantic piece of cheesecake, I’ll tell you all the highlights.  There are just so many places to choose from so if you’re planning a trip, hopefully this will give you a place to start.


Cherry cheesecake cupcakes

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First up, an apology.  It’s been a LONG time since I shared any recipes.  But I’m back with some delicious cupcakes just in time for summer – cherry cheesecake flavour.  Cheesecake definitely works in cupcake form.  You’ve got the buttery biscuit base, tangy creamy cheese, and to top it off, some fruit! All with the added bonus of a sponge cake too.


White Chocolate and Amaretto Baked Cheesecake

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I know January is supposed to be the month of health, but cheesecake would be a little bit dull without all the sugar and cream cheese wouldn’t it?!  This creamy baked cheesecake is light, boozy, perfect for a party, and takes very little effort to make.  If you aren’t keen on Amaretto you can substitute another liqueur in its place.  I’ve also included my recipe for a cranberry sauce to go on top, which you could also substitute with a raspberry coulis if you like.  Now, who would dare turn down such an accommodating dessert?!