Why I haven’t blogged in a while


Oh dear, RebeccaCooksCakes is starting to look a little neglected.  The reason for that is that things have got a little hectic recently, and I’ve not had time to try out new recipes to share.  So I thought I’d do a little round up of what’s been going on.  And I promise I have two delicious rocky road recipes up my sleeve that I will share soon….

So with so little on the blog recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d stopped baking!  But I haven’t.  I’ve just been baking for other people.  It’s lovely to create something for someone’s special day, so I thought I’d post some of the fun things I’ve been asked to do.

Unicorn cakes! These are so much fun. The first has a rainbow cake inside with wee unicorn cupcakes to match.  The second was for a baby shower, and my first go at a two tiered cake.  Taking it to the venue in the car was one of the most nerve-wracking moments in my cake life! But it was so much fun to do.

I’ve also been practicing my fondant-work, and made this unicorn cake for a special wee girl’s birthday party.  Confetti cake inside for extra fun sparkle!

Continuing on the fondant theme, I was asked to make a pirate cake for a third birthday. It was great to let my imagination run with this one.  Everything you see here is edible apart from the flag pole – so there’s a chest made out of KitKats, sand made from digestive biscuits, royal icing waves and fondant shark fins.


Rainbow cakes have been pretty popular too.  They’re quite time-consuming to make but the pay off is definitely worth it, when you cut into that plain cake and see all the bright colours inside.

Disney fever definitely hit in the Spring, so I created a Beauty and the Beast cake for a birthday.  One of the people going to the party was gluten free so I made a mini cake for her, decorated to be part of the theme.

More birthday cakes, this time in bright lemon, and another with a bespoke cat on top to look like the birthday girl’s:

I’ve also done some other cakes for children – both challenging as they were with fondant and in designs I’d never tried before.  The basketball one was all about the decoration, but the number needed some construction!  I ended up baking two separate rectangular cakes and chopped them into shape using a paper template.

Now I’m in the planning stage for 3 wedding cakes, one for a baby shower and a rock music themed birthday cake.

Oh, and then there’s this guy who has taken every other spare minute going….


Say hello to Wilson!  Maybe I’ll need to look into dog biscuits next….



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